Fixed Refrigerated Transport services

A fixed refrigerated transport run with ChillFreeze is your solution if you have ongoing, regular chilled transport needs. Whether it is a seasonal run, the same day every week or every day we can work with you to arrange a regular, fixed refrigerated transport run with our large fleet.

Fixed runs can be organised for chilled, frozen and ambient goods, for small and large deliveries.

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Fixed run logistic services from Chillfreeze

Run Design
& Delivery

ChillFreeze organises the most efficient way to get your deliveries done, not only the transport. Once you have told us where the deliveries need to go, we do the rest.

We’ll set-up each run and advise your allocated driver on the day of deliveries. We are in the business of transport, and our focus is on creating efficient runs for you and your customers. Contact us to talk about your requirements.

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Food safe

Chillfreeze trucks are registered with the NSW food authorityChillFreeze understands the sensitivity of transporting food. If food is your business, then you can use ChillFreeze with the confidence that every vehicle is licensed with NSW Food Authority.

All food types are covered, including milk, dairy products, meat, plant products, seafood and eggs. Specifically, until the NSW Food Authority license has been processed, none of our vehicles will be on the road.

Why choose ChillFreeze?

Contact us now to discuss your transport needs. For fixed runs of 5 days or more, special rates apply.

Need storage? ChillFreeze also offers storage of ambient and cold products, in central locations.

Chillfreeze has a fleet of over 100 trucks at your service
Over 20 years experience in the transport industry